Half Page (216 x 139 mm)


Advertise your special events or big sales with and eye-catching flyer that stands out from the rest

Let us know if you different quantities, paper stock or finish

Full Color  both sides


Document Trim Size


216 x 139 mm
2556 x 1642 pixels


139 x 216 mm
1642 x 2556 pixels

Full Bleed Size


219 x 142 mm
2592 x 1677 pixels


142 x 219 mm
1677 x 2592 pixels
Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.

Choosing a paper weight:

We have 4 different quality of paper for you

Budget: 80-lb paper, 4-5.5-pt – similar thickness to magazines
Standard: 100-lb paper, 4.5-6-pt – common in art or kids’ books
Premium: 100-110-lb cover, 9.5-14-pt – heavier stock, similar to an invitation or poster
Premium plus: 115-lb cover, 16-pt – thicker and more sturdy, like food or product packaging

Choosing a paper stock
 Glossy finish is shiny and reflective, perfect for photos and images
 Matte finish has less glare, for a smoother appearance and more contrast
 Uncoated stock has no glare at all, great for readability and easy to write on


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